Posture Alignment

Neutral posture is more than just appearing “upright,” it’s a key indicator that your body and your lifestyle are not causing long-term degenerative changes to your spine. The average American spends nearly 60 hours a week chained to their desk and if your working position is poor, will lead to postural changes and chronic, persistent aches and pains. Although posture is usually considered an “aesthetic” concern, we know that your posture is just an external expression of what’s happening internally. Bad posture on the outside means bad function on the inside! 

Persistent postural distortion leads to thoracic hyperkyphosis (hunchback), rounding of your shoulders, anterior head translation and a host of other chronic degenerative spinal changes.  Maintaining a strong, neutral posture is your first line of defense against the aches and pains of aging. You can’t prevent yourself from getting older; you can, however, avoid getting older AND being stuck with chronic aches and pains.

Adverse Effects Associated with Poor Posture

  • Degenerative changes to the bones and joints of your spine (osteoarthritis)
  • Slow or poor digestion
  • Decreased respiratory function
  • Lowered energy levels
  • Lower back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder pain

How Does phyxMe Physical Therapy Fix Your Posture

At phyxMe Chicago, people who are experiencing negative side effects from poor posture and abnormal body alignment frequently find their way to our office because those problems lead to pain when not corrected. Fortunately, our treatment team has decades of combined experience in providing safe, effective and affordable treatment therapies that actually remodel your spine and restore it to a more normal, sustainable position. Our posture correction protocols are non-invasive and painless, which is great news for anyone hoping to cure their condition without resorting to dangerous and risky spinal surgery procedures.

What Does Posture Correction Treatment Look Like?

  • Each patient at our office completes a complete spinal assessment using digitized imaging of their spine to accurately assess their current status and identify areas requiring correction. This information is used to develop an individualized treatment program that addresses each and every postural issue identified during the exam.
  • Patients are trained on strengthing and corrective exercises which will provide them with the necessary treatment tools for a long-term maintenance program they can do by themselves.
  • When needed, our staff is trained on providing supplements and nutritional assistance to further aid your body’s natural healing processes.

A consistent and predictable treatment routine will correct your problem, restoring your normal, neutral spinal balance, restoring your confidence and getting you back to full, unrestricted physical activity.