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Our lead chiropractor and physical therapist Daniel Jacobazzi, D.C., P.T., is trained and committed to ensuring that you get the best care in the area. Our staff knows that when the spine suffers, the whole body suffers. Our Chiropractic services in Chicago IL offers relief no other treatment can give!

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Chiropractic Care Has A Proven Track Record To Help People Eliminate Aches and Pains Without Surgery

When you use chiropractic care with a professional and knowledgeable chiropractor as an approach to your overall health, your entire body benefits. Regular chiropractic treatment has been proven to offer advantages such as:

  • Improved mobility and overall improved function in the body’s joints
  • Strengthened muscles
  • Decreased joint degeneration
  • Improved circulation throughout the body
  • A better immune system
  • Improved quality of life and overall health and wellness
  • Decreased prenatal discomfort

Research has shown these benefits from ongoing Chiropractic care and less traditional medical treatments. The entire field of chiropractic study involves the effects of the bones, nerves, muscles, and ligaments on the body.

We Take Unique, Scientific and Experience-Based Approach To Each And Every Adjustment

Every patient approaches us with unique Health care needs and, most importantly, histories. As certified chiropractors, it is incredibly important for us to listen closely to these wants and needs, take notes, and devise a treatment plan based on decades of experience that we believe will be the best for you.

With us there are no guessing games. No unnecessary treatments. No adjustments that we’re not sure will help eliminate your aches and pains and realign your body’s natural bio-mechanics. We’re here to provide chiropractic services designed to help and serve you in any way possible so that you may return to and continue to live a life without aches or pains, regardless of your age or gender.

Meet Chiropractor

Dr. Daniel Jacobazzi

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About Chiropractor Dr. Jacobazzi

You no longer have to suffer from chronic pain or extended recovery times. A 20 year veteran with an accomplished record of success in physical medicine, Dr. Daniel Jacobazzi, D.C. P.T. is a pioneer in the cross-discipline practice of physical medicine which integrates physical therapy and chiropractic and has helped over 1000’s of Chicagoans eliminate pain caused by trauma, athletic activity/exercise, idiopathic scoliosis, poor posture, text neck from long hours in front of a computer or handheld device.

From Dr. Jacobazzi

“I was motivated to become a doctor and earned multiple degrees in both fields of physical medicine (physical therapy and chiropractic) to help others eliminate pain. The most common sources of pain: neck, low back, knee and shoulder pain are all problems I’ve experienced personally. As early as 8 years old, I experienced low back pain, which came and went. As I got older, those same pains became chronic and prevented me from being able to enjoy many childhood experiences competing in many national and collegiate events. By dedicating over 20 years to specialize and combine the best treatments from multiple physical medicine disciplines, I’m proud to be able to help my patients get quick pain relief, without the need of costly and avoiding risky surgeries.”

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