High-Power Laser Therapy Chicago

Imagine … Life without Pain

High Power Laser Therapy (HPLT) offers you a painless, non-surgical and side effect free treatment for conditions which are resistant to traditional medical care.

Conditions such as peripheral neuropathy, head, neck and back pain (stenosis, disc herniations and sciatica), arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, foot and heel pain, ligament and tendon injuries, muscle bruising, and even non-healing wounds, to name a few, all respond well to HPLT. HPLT also accelerates wound healing and is an excellent adjunct to accelerating healing post surgically as it can significantly reduce recovery time over traditional therapies available today. Patients who have undergone joint replacement can cut the rehab process by as much as 50% and more. Their pain and discomfort will quickly be controlled and the need for dangerous narcotics can be eliminated within a few treatments. Laser has even been found to be more effective than surgical options for some conditions.

Experience the Difference

As compared to “cold lasers” (LLLT or Low Level Laser Therapy) where patients don’t feel any sensation or activity from the laser, patient who experience HPLT feel a noticeable sense of penetrating warmth with each treatment as the laser provides enough power to heal the body from the inside. Results from HPLT are typically much quicker than most other therapeutic interventions (days instead of weeks) and significant reductions in pain have been noticed within moments of completing the first treatment.

Results – Without Dangerous Side-Effects

Acute and Chronic injuries respond well to HPLT. The laser reduces inflammation and swelling to improve movement in the affected/injured area. The improved movement will allow you to resume activity more quickly and reduce the scar tissue and adhesions which usually form when you are unable to move normally.

Common Conditions Treated


Laser light increases dilation of your blood vessels and activates the lymphatic drainage system, draining swollen areas. The reduced swelling in injured areas then reduces pressure on the nerves which report pain, lowering your pain level.

Anti-Pain (Analgesic)

HPLT improves the transmission of your body’s healing nerve impulses by stimulating neurotransmitters, accelerating the healing process and improving the functional capacity of your cells in the area exposed to the laser which suppresses the pain receptors in the injured area.

Improved Vascular Activity

HPLT causes significant increases in blood flow to injured tissue as well as new capillary growth, bringing even more blood flow to damaged areas.

Accelerated Tissue Repair and Cell Growth

Light photons from HPLT penetrate deep in your soft tissue (several inches deep if needed) causing accelerated cellular reproduction, tissue regeneration and growth. These same photons also active Stem Cells in the areas of treatment which lead to faster healing and reduce the formation of scar tissue which is known to lead to chronic pain conditions.