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I have been going to Dr. Dan for about two years now in an effort to have as little pain as possible. No matter what kind of pain life brings you, Dr. Dan will be there to help. He will educate you and empower you to live the healthiest life you possibly can. Dr. Dan and his team have been treating my pain condition successfully without any surgeries or ongoing medications. I highly recommend Align Joint & Spine to anyone. Also, shoutout to Helen for always being so cool with rescheduling and answering any questions I have. Thank you Dr. Dan and team! – Megan Wenzl

In full disclosure, I never would have thought I would be treated by a chiropractor. But extreme pain in my arm and hand, stemming from my spine, was seriously interfering with life. I was desperate. Enter Dr. Dan and Team. I called on a Thursday and they were able to get me in that same day – this was not a one-off accommodation, they are always extremely flexible with scheduling and respectful of time. We chatted about my pain, then I was examined and x-rayed. The following day I was given a 12 page detailed report of my particular issue! A treatment plan was put in place that was explained in layman’s terms. Dr. Dan is unique in that not only is he a licensed chiropractor, but also a physical therapist. This is important because he truly understands the body and has multiple tools in his toolbox in which to alleviate pain. A one-trick pony he is not. If you are going to be frequenting a place 3X/week for a few months, you better like it and feel comfortable there, and I do. The atmosphere is upbeat, the staff lighthearted, jokes abound among the staff and patients. They play good tunes. You can grab a free snack on the way out the door. It’s all good:-) And now I’m happy to say that I’m good, not 100% yet because I’m still in treatment, but about 98% there. After first visiting a well-known Chicago physical therapy center without getting even a modicum of relief, I am so happy I found Align Joint & Spine and am absolutely grateful for Dr. Dan’s expertise in healing me. – Terri Sandblom

When I went to Align Joint & Spine for my first visit I could barely walk without having back and leg pain. Through numerous therapy appointments Dr. Dan and his team worked the pain away. The staff is very attentive, they make you feel comfortable from your first visit and know what they are doing. I highly recommend them. – Charysse Holcom

From the first visit, everything about Align Joint & Spine was great. I always felt that my best interest was put first, and everything is always explained clearly. I always feel like a priority and the doctor always takes the time to answer any questions I have. My issues were addressed and I quickly began making process over the course of my custom-made plan. I highly recommend anyone experiencing back pain, neck pain, or additional injury to take the time to pay Dr. Dan a visit. – Matt McManus

I went into Align Join & Spine with runners knee pain in my right knee. I was typically having symptoms after 5 miles during a 10 mile run. After which I would experience residual pain that would daunt my day for at least three days after a run. Align Join & Spine was able to take x-rays in house and upon review identify there was a limb length discrepancy. Align Join & Spine provide me with a holistic plan to strengthening my core, stretch my legs, lower-body, and treat the area in pain. The plan developed provided me with a reactive and proactive approach to the issue at hand. Since going through the two month physical therapy plan the results have proven to be fantastic and the pain I was experiencing is no longer an issue. The staff has been very personable and accommodating. I greatly appreciate their expertise as it provided me with a pain free running experience. – Kevin Petty

Definitely a 5. The Doctor listens and has a comprehensive understanding of the body. I had gone to several doctors from neurological to your everyday doctor and no one could tell me what was wrong with me. It was not until Dr. Jacobazzi came along that I finally received a concrete answer and solution, since then I have been able to feel my hands, and finally my sleep is back to normal. You should give him a try. -Angelica Sanchez

Dr. Dan has made a serious impact in my life. I work a job that severely hurts my body and when I went to Dan I could barely stay bent over or kneeling for more than 10 minutes. After a initial exam and straight forward treatment plan, I feel 100% better. I’m more flexible and don’t have the issue with my back locking up on me. I can’t stress enough how amazing Dan’s services have been in improving my quality of life. – Lance Groff

I visited Align Joint and Spine on the recommendation of a friend, and I’m so glad I did! I was having trouble squatting – there wasn’t pain, but I noticed I was shifting to one side. After meeting with Dr. Dan and taking some X-Rays, it was confirmed that my hips were out of alignment. A plan was put together, and I started going three days a week to work on corrective exercises. Because of the nature of the exercises, and the time commitment, I wasn’t able to go to the gym and lift as much as I liked (honestly, it was about once a week, where before it was three times a week). But even with that limited time, I was able to improve my Clean by 3kg and my Front Squat by 4kg, which is a huge improvement for me! (I usually only added about 1kg every six months or so). The program is definitely working, and I’m so glad I took the time to step back from the gym and focus on correcting things. I can’t wait to see where my lifting goes once I start back up at the gym! – Jenny Scherer

I’m thankful for the entire staff at AJ&S. Everyone was friendly and helpful. The rehab on my shoulder was relatively painless and took less time than I originally anticipated. I highly recommend them. I can’t wait to do something dumb again so I can go back!! – Chuck Parrish

To start out I just want to say that I am only 30 and have had 2 major back surgeries, 2 minor back procedures (for pain), about roughly 4-5 rounds of PT, so I am no stranger to back pain or doctor offices. I pretty much have constant pain in my back and at this point I am quite skeptical of any doctors claiming they can treat me. PT in the past has helped with my mobility, but nothing has really helped with the pain so I wanted to take a more aggressive approach to treatment this time around, which lead me to Align Joint and Spine. I found Dr Dan because he had a ton of positive reviews and success stories, so I immediately went in for a consult. He was the first doctor to actually run tests and listen to my experience (not just push medicine on me) at which point he determined my back pain was stemming from my neck, not from my rotator cuff / shoulder blade / everything else doctors have tried treating in the past to get rid of the pain. We immediately got to work and within a month or so, my pain had decreased significantly, I had less degeneration in my neck, and I was able to work out 5+ times a week, compared to my usual 2 times/week max. Everyone at the office is extremely friendly and accommodating, and one of my favorite parts is that they are really good with working around your schedule to ensure you go as often as Dr. Dan suggests to stay on course (for me it was 3 times/week). On that note, I will say that you should not attempt this treatment unless you are prepared to commit, both with your time and your money. It is a lot, but it is worth it if you stick with it. While I realize that this will probably not solve my back problems forever, because I am just blessed with a crooked back full or hardware, I am confident that if/when the pain comes back in the future, I will certainly be going back to this office to be treated. – Melissa Vande Hey

Align joint & spine has a great atmosphere,great staff and amazing Doctor. Hes always there to answers any doubts or questions you have. He always take his time on every individual to work with them. Thanks to him and his experience I’ve had seen great results in such a short period of time. I use to have pain due to my scoliosis but ever since i started to see Dr.Dan the pain has banished! I’ve had an overall great experience coming to align joint & spine. I highly recommend coming here. Hes seriously one of the best if not THE BEST in the chicago land area. – Jackie Morales

I’ve seen a few chiropractors over the years in 3 cities and no one has been able to treat my underlying issues like Dan has. Since he’s both a PT and Chiropractor, he’s uniquely able to diagnose and treat in a very holistic way which is extremely hard to find anywhere else. For example, I’ve had chronic back issues for at least a decade, with more recent issues splintering off, and can now workout without restrictions and have even started a martial art. Additionally, Dan provides flexibility to ensure you can handle whatever payment amount you might be responsible for. – Shawn Steggink

Great chiropractor and Physical Therapist! Professional and courteous staff. Top of the line technology employed. Dr. Dan is very knowledgeable, detailed, and just an all around great guy to work with. Highly recommend AJS. – Mark Myers

Great blend of physical therapy and chirp. Love the focus on long term rehabilitation vs just a quick fix. Helpful staff, relaxed atmosphere and really flexible on appointments. – Simon Richards

Doctor Dan is a very knowledgeable individual regarding physical therapy and chiropractic methods. His past experiences in sports allows him to understand your viewpoint. Doctor Dan will provide me updated status reports during the rehab process showing my progression. The process may only need months or in my case year(s), but Doctor Dan is accessible and supportive along the whole way. My injury (meniscus tear) was and is a time consuming process to rehab. I personally chose to rehab rather than surgery hoping my body would heal itself. During the rehab process, we also focused on knee exercises and other areas that needed strengthen to minimize, prevent further issues. – Timothy Knoll

Dr. Jacobozzi and his staff are top notch. I’ve been coming to them for about two years now on a regular basis, not only has my condition improved pretty significantly, but I actually enjoy my time there. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and are so quick to help with any questions or modify an exercise based on your needs, or to change your appointment, which was huge for me. I have a weird schedule and needed a PT that didnt punish me for that; if I cancel the staff is quick to find an alternative time that is always in the same week. Dr. Dan maintains a fun and light work space that can sometimes make you forget you’re there because you have a body that’s causing you physical pain. I also like knowing what’s going on, and Dr. Dan takes the time to explain what is going on, but also follows through to make sure I actually understand it. It is not always pleasant getting your body put back into the right place, but your experience while you’re fixing it, can be. I would recommend Dr. Dan and his staff to any and everyone in the market for a physical therapist. – Danielle Durbin

Great staff – Dr. Dan really helped me understand the issues I had been experiencing with my back. Highly recommend. – Amanda Reynolds

Dr. Daniel Jacobazzi is a rare kind! His focus on each individual goes well beyond his incredible knowledge, but also an approachable character that will gladly help you understand anything you need to know. He leads by example and stacked his team with other powerful players in the game. I’ve only been a patient of Dr. Jacobazzi for a few months but during that time, I have seen a tremendous transformation in pain relief, posture improvement, and an overall increase in energy! – Sara Annela Tomeo

Prior to going to AJS, I was going to a chiropractor I really liked. However, after several years I was still getting injured frequently while exercising. I felt I was treating the symptoms rather than the root cause. During our initial consult, Dr D related that he’d had the same experience as a chiropractor, which led him to further study of physical therapy and “Chiropractic Biophysics” (sounds made-up, but he gets excited about it). While the various torture devices he subjects me to aren’t much fun, seeing the pure childish delight on his face at my suffering is kinda funny. Actually he’s the one that taught me the word “schadenfreude.” But the machines have also produced measurable results in x-rays I wasn’t getting from chiropractic alone, correcting the curvature in my neck and lower back. The front desk and support staff are also competent, caring and fun. – Steve Hunter

Align Joint & Spine has become a family affair for Team Mueller. When I first visited Dr. Dan he took xrays and it was immediately apparent why I kept having knee injuries from running. We started my therapy and got to talking. Turns out my entire family has similar issues. We have all been seeing Dr. Dan and it has helped immensely. I highly recommend Alight Joint & Spine to anyone who is bothered by any injury, soreness, stiffness, etc. Thank you to the whole team at Align!! – Colleen Mueller

I was in a very tough place with sciatic pain. I tried other places but this was the only place where I found the right combination of PT and chiropractic treatment to get me on the path to recovery. Dr Dan’s expertise and guidance is what I needed. I trust him and his staff. They have greatly reduced my pain and provided a clear path for a long term healing. – Adam Sitzmann

I had neck and shoulder pain for several years. I saw several doctor with no results. I was skeptic about visiting a chiropractor because you always hear you will have to go for life. I committed to a 12 month plan with Dr. Jacobazzi which is time consuming but worth it. It has been 9 months since my last visit. I have zero pain in my neck and shoulder which improves my posture and sleep. My shoulder range of motion is back to where it was several years ago. Any future injuries I will go back to Dr. Jacobazzi before I see an orthopedist dr again. – Anthony C

These people get results for their patients and they’re helpful, nice and fun while doing it. The blend of PT and chiropractic care seems unique and really gets the job done. The results you get are based on your commitment, which has to be big. I’ve been seeing the team at AJS for a year. I experienced chronic upper back and neck pain that wasn’t severe, but was getting worse and really impacted my life satisfaction. After going to a few doctors and being told to sit up straighter and take narcotics for the pain, I decided to investigate PT. The AJS consultation convinced me that they could provide the relief I needed and make sure I wasn’t completely doomed to be hunch-backed when I’m older. And I had photographic proof or how messed up my neck really was… From that initial consult, Dr. Dan designed a set of exercises for me based on my specific issues symptoms. They track and modify the plan as I go along. They won’t push you any harder than your body can handle, but the exercises will challenge you and feel good at the same time. Everyone there is doing something slightly different, so don’t pay too much attention to someone else’s plan or progress. They also give you exercises at home to increase your progress; DO THEM. The treatments are expensive and my insurance didn’t cover it. I don’t know if they’re expensive as compared to other PT/chiropractic work, but compared to doing nothing (which wasn’t really creating a whole lot of results for me), yeah it’s expensive. I knew that paying the money would help keep me accountable, and that I spend far more on useless things. It was worth the investment to get my body feeling better every day. They offer payment plans! I get the impression that they really don’t want the finances to be the reason you don’t seek treatment, but the cost will be prohibitive for some people. I don’t blame this on them, I could go on a rant about how supremely f’ed up our attitude/priorities around medicine and wellness are, but who wants to read that? I consider myself lucky to have been able to afford this, because it’s made such a difference in my daily life. Something to note: the time commitment is big deal. If you don’t go, if you don’t commit to the home exercises, you can’t blame them. I started going three days per week for three months–this was really hard to commit to. They’re great about scheduling and flexibility, but it’s still quite a huge commitment you have to make for yourself. For me, it was 100% worth it. After three months of weekly chiro and PT exercises, I got to see my progress and got a much more relaxed schedule of appointments to keep things going. I have fallen off with my appointments and home exercises recently and really noticed a change in how I feel. Also, the appointment duration is based on how many other patients are present–which you won’t have any knowledge of or control over when scheduling. Sometimes appointments would be 30 minutes, sometimes 1 hour, rarely longer. I am very fortunate that I had flexibility with my employer to make this commitment work. – Whitney Capps

Dr. Jacobazzi is extremely knowledgeable and provides a very wholistic approach to spine and joint care. His staff is friendly and helpful and extremely attentive. The facility is very clean and well organized and provides a conducive atmosphere for the multiple therapies Dr. Jacobazzi provides. In addition to PT, spinal adjustments and traction, I have also taken advantage of the cryogenic chamber Dr. Jacobazzi has. The cryo-therapy has greatly helped the progress of my spinal therapy. Align Joint and Spine offers a tremendously positive place to improve my health. I am very grateful to Dr. Jacobazzi and his staff for changing my life for the better. – Christi Debrauwere

Dr. Dan and the staff at AJS helped me resolve pain that I had dealt with for 14 months. I was a NCAA Division 1 cross country/track athlete, and I was training and competing at a high level. During the spring of 2016, I injured my left hamstring in competition. The athletic trainers at my university did an evaluation, and they said that it would resolve itself with rest. After several weeks of not running, I showed little/no improvement (still painful to run/walk on), and they referred me to a physical therapist to do strengthening and rehabilitation exercises. I did the exercises religiously, and, after several weeks without improvement, I was advised to treat my injury as an irritated nerve (i.e the varying levels of pain were independent of any actual injury to my muscles). I resumed training, albeit at ~75% of the total volume that I normally ran; additionally, I could no longer do certain workouts (sprints, hills, fartleks). It was a difficult year, but I didn’t want this injury to take that season away. I then came to AJS in July of 2017 after my track season had ended. At that point, I was resolved not to run through my discomfort anymore. Dr. Dan and I talked about the origins of my injury, it’s progression through the past year, and what had helped/aggravated it. He did a chiropractic evaluation on me (testing my range of motion, strength of isolated muscles) as well as took x-rays of my spine. The evaluation showed what had been evident to every other person I’d seen for treatment: my glutes were weak/underactive (despite doing exercises regularly to strengthen them); however, his interpretation of the x-ray revealed why they remained weak: a misalignment in the lumbar region was applying pressure on the neural pathway that controlled glute activation, enough pressure that made signaling difficult. By doing regular adjustments, we could relieve this pressure and begin to strengthen the pathway and muscles, and this would take strain off of my hamstring and allow it to heal. I saw him regularly for about six weeks that summer, until the school year resumed, and I had to move away. I noticed significant improvement in those 6 weeks, and I was able to resume running again; more importantly, I know understand the underlying causes of my injury, and I was able to share Dr. Dan’s insights with the local physical therapist and chiropractor that I began to work with in order to continue making improvements. In the past year, I’ve been able to resume training and competing at my previous levels, and I was able to run personal bests in several events. I’ve also had regular contact with Dr. Dan, whether a monthly phone call or when I’m able visit the office. I’m grateful for the help he’s provided me, and for the new life he gave to my running career; additionally, I’m grateful for his willingness to explain the treatment process to me, so I could better understand my role in my rehabilitation. – David Timlin

We’re very impressed with Dr.Daniel and his wonderful team. We’re currently treating scoliosis and using scolibrace with Dr.Daniel. – Anita

I had a really great experience at Align Joint & Spine. Having been through physical therapy a few times before for popped-out joints and injuries, I’m no stranger to rehab, and the team at Align Joint & Spine not only made this experience so much better than the norm, but they helped get me back on my feet and exercising again faster than I could have ever thought possible. They made an experience that’s often incredibly painful into one of positive encouragement, helping me regain my strength. – Julia Ruskin

I have had 3 surgeries in my L5-S1 disc from 19-26 yrs old. Doctors told me that I have degenerative disc and that I may always be in pain. I took a leave of absence from work for 3 months to get two surgeries just to be able to walk again. It was scary but I found AJS. Not only has Dr.Dan diminished daily pain to little to none. I went from bed rest and constant pain, to walking,biking, and little to no pain. I am eternally grateful to have my life back and pain-free. Thank you! – Mackenzie Papini

I highly recommend Align Joint & Spine. As someone who has never had a serious injury, I did not know what to expect when coming in for physical therapy. Dr. Jacobazzi is patient and takes the time to explain your diagnosis and recovery plan. You can tell he really enjoys what he does. His staff is great and the atmosphere is enjoyable. People are always laughing and smiling which is a good sign for a place that people go to when in pain. You will not be disappointed. – Jackie Kalan

I recently went to Align Joint & Spine for PT for a surgically repaired hip labral tear. The post op called for 3 months of PT, so I went somewhere that I would enjoy being spending a lot of time at. They came up with a rehab plan centered around the recommendation of the surgeon and they knocked it out of the park. The team over their is very friendly and flexible when it comes to scheduling. Dr. Dan is always available to speak and knows his stuff backwards and forwards, as do the trainers. – Thomas Simon

Dan Jacobazzi has been wonderful. I have had back and neck issues since middle school age. He has helped alleviate any pain. He has also helped me we stretches and counsel as I train for a marathon. He is excellent at explaining the x-rays and diagnosis. He takes the time to work through the exercises and genuinely cares about the people he treats. The staff is wonderful and extremely helpful. Just a great overall experience. – John Mueller

Dr. Dan and staff are a cognizant group that are 100% flexible to their patient’s time and typical schedule. While doctor’s visits can be intimidating Dr. Dan is able to quickly build a rapport with his patients that is the encouraging. The diagnosis and plan setup were clearly explained and the benefits and progress were assessed at realistic intervals. 10 weeks into my plan I have seen considerable progress in more than one area. – Timothy Reynolds

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Dan’s for nearly three years now. Formally known as HPI Chicago, Align Joint & Spine has really helped me. He has not only aided me in my repeat recoveries for three of my seven knee surgeries, but (and he may not like me saying this) genuinely cares for his patients. Yes, he’s there to make money (it’s his job, after all), but he’s also there to make you better than ever before. Dr. Dan attends many training classes and is always in the know with new treatments and techniques. It’s true that you may feel like a bit of a guinea pig at times, but he’s very gentle (and a bit of a goof ball) -which always puts me at ease. He also kind of does it all… He offers physical therapy and chiropractic work -both of which he’s wonderful at. Honestly, I have been to many PT locations here in Chicago and elsewhere; however, none of them come close to the level of detail, dedication, knowledge, and compassion that Dr. Dan clearly has for his patients. I only have one complaint (and this may have changed since I last saw him, so it doesn’t impact my rating). I hate how his hours make it impossible to go three times a week (which I’m always required to do). When I was last there he was open Monday-Thursday, that’s it. So, to get my sessions in, I had to go to days in a row (I did that twice since it was much too painful). I hope this has changed though, otherwise, I’ll need to try to find someone else for my next upcoming lengthy recovery. You cannot go wrong with Dr. D. – Kelly H.

Dr. Dan embodies everything you’d want in a physical therapist. He listens to your concerns, creates a program specific to your needs, provides you with honest feedback, & helps you create realistic goals while challenging you to recover in an efficient & healthy manner. His staff is well-trained & attentive to your needs, & his facility is setup so that you’re never waiting for treatment. The space is a clean & welcoming environment, and I look forward to continuing my self-care with Dr. Dan! – Casey Campbell

I have hurt myself a lot over the years (car accidents, bike accidents, roller skating accidents) and each time Dr. Jacobazzi was able to get me back in fighting form and then some. He approaches treatment with your future full-body well-being in mind. He’s not just concerned with “fixing” you for the right now, but how treatment and maintenance will benefit you 10-20 years down the line. I would and have recommended Dr. Jacobazzi for any and all physical therapy needs. – Dolly Lemke

What sets hpiChicago apart from the rest is the friendliness of the staff, Dr. Dans openness and willingness to discuss the therapy and why he’s doing what he’s doing. But most importantly, to me at least, is the xrays used for the initial consult and the follow up to show the actual structural changes and measure the progress of the treatment. On top of all that, the facility is always clean, everything is in good repair, and you can tell that this is a business that he cares about. – Scott Rabin

Dr Dan knows what’s what with overall wellness. He was very accommodating today and took me right in for a consultation and gave me advice on how to manage my condition. He even sent me off with some new fitness schwag, furthermore, having a gym at your wellness clinic just makes sense. – Craig Andrew Smith

Dr. Dan is a wonderful doctor, He knows what he is doing. His office staff is always polite. I would definitely recommend him. – Tammy Mormino

hpiChicago is phenomenal. I came in a few years ago with chronic sciatic and back pain. The pain itself quickly faded under the careful chiropractic care and with their recommended exercises and great gym, I was able to complete a personal record in the Chicago marathon. There’s no better physical therapy center or gym in Ravenswood and I fully anticipate being a patron for years. – Jeffrey Allen

Hpi Health Performance Institute has everything you need for health and well-being. Chiropractic care, physical theraphy, massage, and all access gym with personal trainers. Thank you Dr. Dan and Dr. Shawn for caring for me. – Lula Seran

Met here with other cyclists to practice on the computrainers, very good workout and encouraging staff. thanks! – April Steffan

I had no idea the extent of my issues. Dr. Dan identified them right away and immediately came up with a treatment plan and schedule that works into my schedule. Thank you. – Collen M

My pain has nearly disappeared and I’m feeling so much better after a few weeks at the clinic. – Enri D

The Fountain of Youth is at 1820 W Irving Park Rd., and its named Dr. Dan! – Andy F